Get Kate Middleton-level hair with the new ghd hot brush

ghd hot brush

The ghd Hot Brush Hype

The beach-wave is well on it's way to iconic status. Just ask Kate Middleton. And now a volumising tool has launched so we can recreate the look on every hair type. Meet the new ghd hot brush, aka the ghd Rise Volumising Hot Brush, which is set to take your hair to new heights.

ghd Rise Volumising Hot Brush, £169, Cult Beauty

ghd hot brush, ghd Rise Volumising Hot Brush, £169, Cult Beauty

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Whether your strands are stick straight, limp, prone to frizz, or anywhere in between, you can basically achieve fluttery curls in under 10 minutes flat.

Hot brushes first came to our attention last year when the brand launched Glide, the gamechanger that sat somewhere between a paddle brush and a pair of smoothing straightening irons. 

Not surprisingly it sold out globally in just two weeks. ghd feverishly made more stock available and the same thing happened. People just kept losing their collective shit over this hair tool.

So can the new ghd Rise, which claims to give hair twice as much volume from root to tip, achieve the same cult status? Here’s what happened when I plugged it in…

ghd Rise Volumising Hot Brush: A Review

I’m one of those people whose hair just lacks oomph. For one, it's fine and a bit skewiff [read: not wavy in a cool way]. Two, it's like my strands are magnetically charged to just cling to my scalp.

The same is true when I blow dry it, (which is hardly ever), as I can’t be bothered trying to juggle the hairdryer in one hand while mastering the wrist-swirling movement of a round brush with the other. 

So a tool that means I can rough dry my hair first and then create beachy waves minus the arm-ache is something I can definitely get on board with.

That's the thing with the Rise hot brush. It comes with ease in mind. The brush reaches peak heat in 90 seconds. There is a 180 degree limit for the heat, which is monitored 250 times per second.

But that’s not all: the brush adapts the power based on the speed you’re styling so you don’t have to worry about frazzled ends.

Basically, even someone like me who burns toast can use it.

More importantly, the technology really delivers.

One wrap around the barrel yields a gorgeous flick for your fringe or ends; two wraps and five seconds gets you lift at the roots and a delicious wavy shape through the ends. And that's all in a single pass with zero snags thanks to the smooth nylon bristles.

In fact, the ghd Rise is so good, I may just throw out my hot rollers and curling tongs. Controversial, I know...

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