Fish pedicure spa craze

New fish-nibbling pedicure craze removes dead skin from feet

Fish pedicure
Fish pedicure

New fish-nibbling pedicure craze removes dead skin from feet

Unusual beauty treatments have been doing the rounds lately: from Demi Moore's detoxifying leach therapy to snake venom in face creams to combat ageing, but the latest spa treatment – fish pedicures – takes the biscuit.

The new craze is whipping up a storm in America, where a northern Virginia spa has been offering the treatment for four months.

Clients are flocking from far and wide to dip their toes into a basin filled with a type of carp known as the garra rufa fish at Yvonne Hair and Nail salon, run by husband and wife team, John Ho and Yvonne Le.

According to the owners, the tiny fish nibble away at all the dead skin on our feet, replacing the razor that is sometimes used to scrape off dead skin.

'This is a good treatment for everyone who likes to have nice feet,' says John Ho. 'I know people were a little intimidated at first, but I just said "Let's give it a shot."'

Now the fish nibbling fad has taken off with 5,000 clients taking the plunge to date. One customer Tracey Roberts, from Rockville, claims the fish gave her the 'best pedicure I ever had' and has spread the word.

'I'd been an athlete all my life, so I've always had calluses on my feet. This was the first time somebody got rid of my calluses completely.'

The fish don't do all the work however, after up to half an hour dangling your toes, clients get a standard pedicure.

The treatment costs $35 for 15 minutes and $50 for 30 minutes and with more than 1,000 fish at the salon, and around 100 in each pedicure tank, it seems there's enough fish for everyone.

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