Distressed Jeans Designed By An Actual Tiger? Here’s Two New Denim Styles We Never Knew Existed…

Animal distressed denim and scented jeans are both actual things…

Salsa Jeans / Zoo Jeans
(Image credit: Salsa Jeans / Zoo Jeans)

Animal distressed denim and scented jeans are both actual things…

Let’s start with the 'animal attacked' method, shall we? In a quest for the perfect levels of denim distress, Japanese label Zoo Jeans have enlisted bears, lions and tigers to chew up their fabrics and create truly one-off jeans styles.

It’s totally ethical, apparently, as the staff at Hatachi's Kamine zoo wrap the materials around toys before throwing them into the enclosures, encouraging the animals to play, scratch, slobber on and generally rip the garments to shreds.

‘These are the only jeans on earth designed by dangerous animals,' the brand declares on its website. Wild.

The jeans will be on display at the zoo until 21st July, when they’ll be auctioned off for the World Wildlife Fund and are expected to fetch over £1000 per pair for the charity.

Selfridges’s menswear denim buyer Mithun Ramanandi criticized the ‘designer’s’

totally-not-car-air-freshener fragrances to choose from.

Each smell complements the jeans’ colour – think lemon scent on a yellow dip-dye drainpipe, or classic indigo with a chic blueberry fragrance. Perfumed microcapsules are embedded into the fabric and the scent can last up to 20 washe before fading. The jeans will be on sale for £55 and even boast free delivery.

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