William Tempest Exclusive: Designer Talks New Nightwear Range

William Tempest talks to Marie Claire about his pyjama range for the W Hotel, and shares his thoughts on Victoria Beckham wearing his collections

William Tempest launches W Hotel pyjama range
William Tempest launches W Hotel pyjama range
(Image credit: William Tempest)

William Tempest talks to Marie Claire about his pyjama range for the W Hotel, and shares his thoughts on Victoria Beckham wearing his collections

There's nothing we love more than a cosy night in, but while the world becomes obsessed with all-in-one animal-themed nightwear, we're left lusting after a good old-fashion pair of posh silk pyjamas.

So thank goodness designer William Tempest has teamed up without he W Hotel to offer us just that. We caught up with the designer to ask him about the collaboration, what he thinks of today's celebrity style, and how it feels to have fans like Victoria Beckham.

MC: You’ve created a pair of pjs for the W – is nightwear just another excuse to be stylish in your eyes? W: I think nightwear is definitely an excuse to be stylish, it’s great to look good in and out of bed. For people who come to stay at W London – Leicester Square, it’s a special occasion and it's great that they can get a pair of my pyjamas to wear in bed.

MC: What sums up British style for you? W: I think British style is quite quirky and eccentric, especially menswear. London is the centre of the menswear industry, it’s where tailored suits were first designed. London is the place where people look to see what’s fashionable and what the trends are. It seems like the only place where trends could be picked up on streets and taken to the catwalk.

MC: Victoria Beckham has regularly worn your brands, what in your opinion makes her such a huge fashion icon? W: It was really great to dress Victoria because she’s one of the most famous women in the world. It was good for my brand and positive that she supports British talent. She stands out because she’s got a very good eye and with her own label that has really come across in the last few years. I think you have to have a connection with your market and that’s why she’s doing so well. People look up to her and want to emulate her fashion sense.

MC: How do you feel about the increase in luxury brands being sold online? W: I think its great because my family live up in Cheshire and they don’t often have access to designer stores and boutiques. For a lot of people they can’t access fashion as easily when they don’t live in a city. Websites like Net-A-Porter have completely changed how people can buy fashion and everyone can go online now and order a designer dress, which I think is amazing.

MC: You created a range for River Island, do you have plans for any more collaborations? W: Can’t say too much. I am definitely working with another high street store. It’s what I am looking forward to, so definitely watch this space towards the end of the year.

MC: The fashion industry is watching Kate Middleton's every single sartorial move. Would you like to dress her? W: Yes I would definitely consider dressing Kate Middleton. From what she usually wears, she does support British brands but it’s the bigger names like Mulberry and Alexander McQueen. I think it would be great for her to pick some young up-and-coming designers to wear because she tends to pick high street brands to wear to show her connection with the British public, as the majority choose high street brands too.

Kate Middleton has a very classic style – something that you expect of her role and the royal family. I am not too sure if she’s ever going to veer off that particular look. In a lot of ways it’s a shame that she’s not supporting the young British designers, obviously she is supporting the big businesses/ fashion brands, but it’s a shame that she wouldn’t move away from that classic look to support more fashion-forward thinking talents.

The limited edition pyjamas will be available for hotel guests staying in W London’s E WOW and WOW suites. In addition, a limited number of the special edition pyjamas will be available in W The Store at W London from 1 June 2013 for £175.


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