This Topshop bag keeps appearing on Instagram for a very important reason

Must. Buy. It

Just when I’m starting to feel a bit smug that I haven’t bought anything new this month – I’m one pair of shoes away from a divorce on the grounds of ‘unreasonable amount of clothes’ – Topshop goes and ruins it all.

The high-street store has just served up a super cute beaded bag called the Mykonos tote and it’s giving me all the holiday feels.

I spotted it on Instagram by way of a few of my fashion editor friends, and now it’s taking off with the influencer crowd too.

It comes in two block colours, black and yellow, and then two multi-coloured versions, one in pastel tones of white and pink, and the other in green, black and white – my personal favourite.

Shop now: Mini Mykonos beaded tote bag for £29 from Topshop

I love it because it’s a fun and purse-friendly way to tap into the beaded bag trend, so it’s not like you’ll regret it come next summer if they’re not a thing anymore.

You can wear it with anything from a denim jumpsuit to a floral dress or linen suit, and it’s great for work or a holiday.

In other words, it’s pretty and goes with everything. I’m sure the husband will understand…

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