This Topshop item is sold every 10 seconds

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  • And we guarantee you’ve got one in your closet

    You might think Topshop’s most popular items are party dresses, heels, or perhaps even printed tops, but you’d be wrong.

    It turns out the brand’s sell-out item is far more simple: the humble jean.

    In fact, the wardrobe staple is being sold globally every 10 seconds, according to stats unveiled at the launch of the SS17 denim collection.

    Yep, 10 seconds. That’s quicker than it takes for you to fish out your credit card from your overstuffed bag.

    Come on, hands up who doesn’t have a Baxter, a Joni or a Leigh somewhere in their closet? Exactly.

    Emma Fox, Buying Director at Topshop, told us, ‘Our denim forms the basis of women’s wardrobes all over the world – over the last year we sold a pair of jeans every 10 seconds globally. Although skinny styles remain our bestselling silhouette, we’ve seen a transition to a heavier, tougher denim in more authentic styles, reminiscent of the “original” jean.’

    And if you’re London-based, you might be even more shocked to hear that we buy a pair of jeans every minute at the Oxford Street flagship store.

    A sign if ever there was one that our love affair with denim will never end.

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