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Why you should stop wearing thongs right now

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  • Warning: this will shock you

    Don’t you just hate it when things you took for granted are actually bad for you? Like wearing Breton tops and using bath bombs?

    Well if you wear thongs, we have some bad news for you: it turns out they’re not very good for your vagina, at all.

    Because wearing them means you could transfer E. Coli bacteria from your bum hole to your vagina.

    Octavia Cannon, a board-certified gyneacologist, told Seventeen, ‘Think about where the string slides when you sit down in a thong.’

    Which is obvious when you think about it, but put that way, it makes you think twice about your underwear choice.

    And while we’re on the subject of bacteria, you should always wear a fresh pair of underwear after a workout. Because a shower will do you no good if you’re putting on sweaty knickers afterwards.

    Octavia explains, ‘Yeast and bacteria love a warm, moist, dark environment.’

    She also advises against buying too-small underwear (it can cause rashes and infection) and says you should always go for cotton (it’s the most breathable fabric).

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