We got exclusive access to Sophia Webster’s Frozen fashion wonderland

We snuck behind the scenes to find out how one of London's hottest shoe designers used Disney's Frozen to inspire her latest collection

Ah Frozen  – the story of two sisters fighting to overcome a magic curse, defeat an evil prince, and break free from the ghosts of their past, all while cavorting through snow with a trusty snowman by their side – it’s girl-power with an icy twist, and frankly, what’s not to love?

And it seems we’re not the only die-hard Frozen fans out there. Sophia Webster, shoe-designer extraordinaire and all-round Fashion queen, talked exclusively to Marie Claire about how her daughter inspired her to create her AW17 I Scream for Ice Queens collection with Elsa and co. in mind.

Sophia Webster

Speaking to Marie Claire backstage, Sophia Webster said: ‘The collection is inspired by Frozen, because I have a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, so Elsa was the main inspiration. And Harbin ice-festival in China which is a life-size iced village that they build every year. They light it up at night – it’s like a magical, colourful ice kingdom. And the main square there is called Sophia square – so it’s destined to be!’

Terry Barber, Director of Make-up Artistry at MAC, spoke about creating just the right ice-queen look for the show: ‘We’re doing a very cold flush on the skin – quite a big blush from the eye down to the jaw line with a raw, cold pink. And we’re rubbing the blush onto the lips as well – the look is all about tweaking the temperature on the face. It should come out extremely raw and extremely cold.’

With those sparkling shoes, rose lips, ice and fairy lights – they truly succeeded in creating a winter wonderland at the heart of London Fashion Week

Watch our exclusive behind the scenes film of how Sophia Webster’s collection came together



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