How Meryl Streep doubled her Devil Wears Prada salary

Female power fist pumps all round

On the eve of The Devil Wears Prada’s 10th birthday, Meryl Streep has revealed how she channelled her inner Miranda Priestly to negotiate a higher salary for her leading role in the movie. The actress told Variety that it was the first time she found herself in a high-stake pay negotiation; an area she’d shied away from in the past. This time, she played hardball:

‘There was my ‘goodbye moment,’ and then they doubled the offer,’ Streep said. ‘I was 55, and I had just learned, at a very late date, how to deal on my own behalf.’

The risk paid off in more ways than one, and her portrayal of the formidable editor-in-chief of Runway magazine drew rave reviews from critics, and earned her many award nominations, including a record-setting 14th Oscar bid, and a Golden Globe.

Let’s all channel Meryl next time we’re up for a pay review with our boss.

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