There may be a hidden meaning in Meghan Markle’s ring choice

You'll want to expand your ring collection after this.

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You'll want to expand your ring collection after this.

Meghan Markle’s engagement ring has become our main obsession of late, but while we’ve all been distracted with Royal wedding plans, and of course, the Suits actress’ incredible M&S jumper, we seem to have all overlooked something potentially significant—her other ring choices.

On her recent Royal visit to Brixton with Prince Harry, Meghan wore three gold rings on her right hand, which according to some experts, may carry symbolic meaning.

We’re not talking about the kind of sentimental meaning embedded in the diamonds of her gorgeous engagement ring, which as well know was designed by Prince Harry himself. No, this time it’s the placement of Meghan’s rings that has become the talking point.

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After analysing the gold bands on her right thumb, index finger and ring finger, experts have claimed that Meghan may be revealing more about her personality than she perhaps realised.

According to Mail Online, in traditional palmistry (bear with us) wearing a ring on your thumb can read as a symbol of ‘motivation, control or aggression’, suggesting Meghan is no stranger to taking the lead.

Having starred as the protagonist in a hit TV show for over six years, that’s probably not so surprising a trait.

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The ring on her index finger, meanwhile, is said to represent ‘a freshly appointed king, queen or CEO,’ while the very choice to wear rings on your right hand is traditionally thought to be a sign of ‘stubbornness or need to be in control of your public life.’

Now it goes without saying, that perhaps Meghan Markle just likes her gold rings and popped them on that morning simply because they looked nice. Which they most certainly do.

But with the mounting pressure of becoming a Royal bride-to-be, and extra press scrutiny every time she steps out of the house (or palace), we can well understand if Meghan might want to exert a little more control over her life.

Either way, we’re off shopping for gold thumb rings ASAP.

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