Kylie Jenner is single-handedly bringing back Von Dutch

As in Von Dutch.

von dutch
von dutch

As in Von Dutch.

Hold on to your trucker caps – Von Dutch is back.

The sooo noughties label that we thought fashion had forgot is returning one string vest at a time – and it’s all thanks to none other than Kylie Jenner.

Yup, despite only being four when everyone had the hats the first time around, Kylie has worn Von Dutch at least three times in the last week, declaring a new-found adoration for the brand.

First she posted a series of selfies while wearing one of the label’s classic trucker caps and lounging around her rather decadent house. A few days later, she wore the same hat again when out and about in LA, and now she’s touting ready-to-wear, pictured yesterday in a sporty bomber jacket with that logo emblazoned on the chest.

Frankly, we thought Von Dutch’s moment in the sartorial sun had firmly passed and we would never see it’s swirly stamp logo again.

Remember in its heyday, circa 2002, when everyone from Britney Spears, to Paris Hilton, to *celebrity newcomer* Kim Kardashian, worked the signature? We wonder if Kim will be jumping on the revival any time soon, or if, like us, she slightly can’t bare to go there again?

 Revisit our favourite throwbacks in the gallery above.

(Image credit: Moghadam/BEI/BEI/Shutterstock)

This image of Paris, above, perfectly sums up the way we wore – 00s Von Dutch was best teamed with Juicy Couture trackies, a Motorola flip phone on the hip and some slightly sticky clear lip gloss. Was it ever a good look? We're just not sure...

But when a style influencer like Kylie says it’s back (seriously, you can’t deny the size of her fashion and beauty empires) we think we’d better take notice. It must just be vintage now, right?