Kimojis decoded: Kim Kardashian releases new designs and KIMOGIFs

Kim Kardashian redesigns Kimojis and introduces Kimogifs, the new language we never knew we needed...

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Kim Kardashian redesigns Kimojis and introduces Kimogifs, the new language we never knew we needed...

What do you get the woman who - seemingly - has everything? That's the question that the Kardashian-Jenner fam no doubt faced this weekend as matriarch Kris Jenner celebrated her 61st birthday - but it transpires, Kim Kardashian West had just the ticket.

A dedicated birthday Kimoji (or, erm, Krisoji?) of course.


Kris Jenner Emoji

On 5th February 2016, we wrote...

Kimojis and Kimogifs have landed. Yes, for her next trick, Kim Kardashian has designed her own range of actual, usable emojis, and gifs, gifting us all with a new language in which to declare our Kardashian-West love.

Spotting several glaringly obvious holes in the current emoji keyboard, Kim has come up with new Kimojis and even Kimogifs to add to our growing emoji collection.

In true Kim style, the GIFs feature the reality starlet doing some truly excellent activities.

There's one for when you get your salary...

One for whenever you create an internet meltdown with a selfie...

And one whenever you're ready to go out on a Friday night... Or just every night.

For the Kimoji's, Kim's all about feminine heath, with a tampon and birth control pill Kimoji being welcome additions to our keypad. Oh, and and there's an ice cream Kimoji too, but of course.

Previously, Kim’s designed such symbols as the ugly cry face, gummy bears, a waist trainer and one enormous peaches and cream butt symbol. People, our convos will never be the same again.

There’s an emoji for Yeezy Boost trainers, naturally, fancy cars and diamonds, and a so long overdue selfie-taking symbol. We could see ourselves using the ‘basic’ and ‘vibes’ speech bubbles in all sorts of real life situations, too.

The Kimoji app will be available to download in the app store from today and is already causing a storm on Instagram where KK announced the news. This is the woman who announced her new son's arrival in emojis, after all.

Kim’s a serial entrepreneur (is there actually any (low calorie) pie she doesn’t have a perfectly manicured talon in?) so it was only a matter of time before she invented her own language. Her eponymous app, and the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game have already broken the internet and this latest venture only further establishes her reputation as a key tech industry player.

‘I wanted to do really fun, different Emojis that you don’t see on your phone,’ Kim told Rolling Stone back in July, revealing that she would only work with graphic designers approved by husband/ creative overlord, Kanye.

But if you were hoping to see a Momager emoji coming soon to a keyboard near you, you can forget it. ‘I don’t want any family members on it,’ Kim said. ‘They’ll all want a piece.’