Kim Kardashian resolves the Amber Rose Twitter row with one classy tweet

Kim Kardashian has finally put a lid on a certain Twitter row

Kim Kardashian West
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Kim Kardashian has finally put a lid on a certain Twitter row

What's in a name? Well if you're Kanye West and you still haven't decided what to name your album yet, then quite a lot.

Last week a hot-headed Twitter row erupted when fellow musican Wiz Khalifa 'dissed' the name of Kanye's upcoming album Waves, which West had decided to use instead of his previously announced album name (Swish), on the grounds that Kanye was appropriating a mid noughties music movement of the same name. Nope, us neither.

As tends to be the way with Twitter rows involving lots of fragile egos, what began with a simple objection to a name somehow erupted into a war of words which ended (rather sensationally) with Wiz's girlfriend - and Kanye's ex Amber Rose - revealing some pretty intimate details of her and Kanye's sex life.

The one person who - until recently - kept a dignified silence through the whole fandango? Kanye West's wife Kim Kardashian.

But like a mother stepping in to separate a bundle of rowing siblings, yesterday Kim quietly but calmly put her foot down.

First off, on Monday she tweeted her 39 million followers to ask them to resolve the album name question themselves - and add her own (rather brilliant) third option:

Kim Kardahsian Ktweet Knaye West Amber Rose Feud


We haven't seen a better example of 'Right, that's it. If you don't sort this out then I bloody well will' in a long time.

Kim's followers dutifully rushed to cast their votes and it won't surprise you that at the time of writing the clear frontrunner was So Help Me God.

But she wasn't finished with that. Kim then went on to extend the olive brand to her husband's ex Amber Rose, tweeting a picture of the two of them together with the simple caption 'tea anyone?'

Kim Kardahsian Ktweet Knaye West Amber Rose Feud


Amber Rose reciprocated by posting the image up on her own Instagram feed.

What? A PUBLICITY STUNT? How dare you...

Kim Kardahsian Ktweet Knaye West Amber Rose Feud


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