John Galliano sacked from his own label

The designer has been let go from his eponymous label

John Galliano arrested
John Galliano arrested
(Image credit: Rex Features)

The designer has been let go from his eponymous label

Things have gone from bad to worse for John Galliano, who after being sacked last month from Christian Dior has now been ousted by his own eponymous label.

The shamed designer was arrested back in February for alleged anti-semitism and was swiftly sacked by Dior on 1 March. He has largely remained in hiding since, entering a US rehab facility soon after the incident.

Now, WWD reports that the board at his namesake label has agreed to hand over design duties to the in-house team and let go of Galliano.

The label is 91% owned by Christian Dior SA – so the move shouldn't come as a huge surprise – while plans for its future remain uncertain.

The former head designer was arrested in a bar in Paris after reportedly 'verbally accosting a couple seated on a cafe terrace,' and things quickly escalated, when a tape made on a separate date emerged showing him talking about his 'love' for Adolf Hitler later emerged.

He is now set to stand trial at the Paris High Court and if found guilty could face a prison sentence of up to six months, and a £20,000 fine.



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