Jacquemus just introduced the tiniest handbags and the fashion world is confused

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  • In a sartorial tour de force the likes of which the fashion world has rarely seen, Jacquemus has managed to make the micro bag even tinier for his show at Paris Fashion Week. So tiny in fact, that it might be deemed controversial to call it a handbag.

    The designer is no stranger to small bags, having already introduced the Chiquito and Piccolo last last season. However, where you could actually carry those with with your hands, his latest designs are meant for your finger. Singular.

    It is essentially an even smaller version of the Chiquito, and as far as I can tell, it comes in hot pink and white, but I’m sure more colourways will be available when it launches.

    Jacquemus also introduced ‘La collectionneuse’ on Instagram, alongside the cheeky caption, ‘BAG FOR A RING?’

    It obviously didn’t take long for the comments to flow in. One user wrote, ‘buy me this for my AirPods’, another pointed out that, ‘at least mine can put earrings not just ring’.

    Another quite rightly pointed out that ‘This bag broke the internet!’ and that it was the ‘perfect size for the fucks I give about my spending habits’.

    Then there were those that saw the potential in this small but mighty bag. ‘Get 2 then use it as earrings’,  ‘This is the perfect size to hold my designated Aldi quarter’, ‘might get this for my cat’ and the genius ‘great for a proposal, just put the engagement ring in it’. The internet never disappoints.

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