Harper Beckham is probably better than you at walking in heels

The five-year-old has got skills...

Harper Beckham and David Beckham
Harper Beckham and David Beckham
(Image credit: REX FEATURES)

The five-year-old has got skills...

It’s always great up wake up to the news that a child is considerably better at something than you (remember Child Genius? That was kind of depressing). But this morning we realised that we’d been bested again – this time by Harper Beckham.

Sure, she does have a fashion-forward Spice Girl for a mother and a super coordinated footballer for a father, but Harper Beckham seems to have one talent in particular that a lot of us don’t – walking in heels.

Yes, while many of us are still trying to work out how it’s physically possible for people to walk in sky-high stilettos, Harper seems to already have it down.

Victoria Beckham recently revealed in an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers that despite her five year old daughter being more of a tomboy on the whole, Harper does have one very fashion-specific skill: ‘She has been able to run in a pair of high heels for a long time, I’m so proud!’

But as well as having a highly developed daughter, singer-turned-designer VB also revealed that her son Cruz has a few skills of his own, especially when it comes to music. A recent video David Beckham posted on Instagram showed his super-cute eleven-year-old song performing an acapella version of Anna Kendrick’s Cups song in Pitch Perfect.

Don’t forget the other Beckham boys either, who seem to have inherited their dad’s model talent. Romeo famously modelled for Burberry, while his oldest brother, Brooklyn, just landed a deal as the face of fashion label Pull&Bear – his second campaign after earning £100,000 advertising a Chinese mobile company.

‘We’re like a travelling circus, our family!’ laughed Victoria. ‘We sing, we dance, we do football, we do fashion.’ And, as host Meyers pointed out, they also run in high heels.

Either way, we’re seriously impressed.

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