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The real reason your Converse have holes in them

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    Everyone has owned a pair of Converse at some stage in their lives, the lightweight canvas lace-ups being a rite of passage in your student years and acting as a comforting companion as you enter the adult world of uncomfortable and insanely overpriced trainers for women.

    In all those years of love and loyalty to your All Stars, have you ever wondered why Converse have holes built into the sides?

    Us neither – but it turns out that the higher powers at Converse have thought it all through, not only having one function for the holes, but two.

    converse shoes

    Their first purpose, albeit somewhat predictable, is to provide ventilation to your feet. Initially made for playing basketball, the holes allow air to get into the shoe – much like the breathable material your gym trainers are made out of – and help stop your feet getting sweaty.

    The second use for the holes is a lot more creative, designed to allow you to get imaginative with your lacing techniques. Turns out we’ve been lacing them up wrong all this time – we should be zig-zagging them across the whole width of our feet. Who knew?

    There are even YouTube tutorials available to talk you through, providing how-to guides on unique and interesting Converse lacing ideas – be warned though, they’re pretty complex and despite giving it a go we’re still a little confused.

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