This is officially the best time to buy heels according to experts

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  • I have good news and bad news. Let me start with the bad news: comfortable heels do not exist. Sorry. Any sort of height on your heels puts pressure on the ball of your feet, and often jams your toes together (which explains why Meghan Markle wears too big shoes).

    ‘There isn’t an ideal heel out there because they all cause some trauma to your feet,’ Tania Kapila, D.P.M., doctor of podiatric medicine at DeLoor Podiatry Associates, told Marie Claire US.

    But the good news is (in my experience, always good to start with the bad), wearing heels doesn’t have to be painful, as long as you do it in moderation.

    And the key to this is what time of day you buy your heels, and according to Tania, that’s in the afternoon.

    ‘Feet tend to change in size throughout the day because they swell. It’s best to buy shoes in the afternoon or later in the day rather than in the morning. Whatever size shoe fits you better during that time frame is the size you should be buying,’ she says.

    Which makes sense, because dress shopping after a big meal isn’t the same as first thing in the morning, is it?

    Tania also said that the comfiest heel height was between one and two inches, and that it was better to avoid pointy heels as they crush your toes together.

    Finally, if you want to avoid any gross fungal infections, you should avoid leather or hard materials like vinyl, as they can increase perspiration, so you want a more a breathable material, like nubuck or suede.

    Shoe shopping around 4pm anyone?

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