This is why Amal Clooney was the only celeb to wear trousers at the Met Gala 2018

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  • It's pretty symbolic

    While everyone was talking about Rihanna’s Pope-tastic outfit and Katy Perry’s angelic wings at the Met Gala 2018, others were wondering why Amal Clooney was wearing trousers, and whether she was actually on theme (which was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, FYI).

    Well, while a little more subtle than the likes of Solange and Blake Lively’s dresses, Amal’s choice was actually pretty powerful.

    It was designed by Richard Quinn, who lest we forget had the actual Queen on his front row at London Fashion Week.

    First off, there are the trousers, which are symbolic in themselves. Richard Quinn said in a statement, ‘Her decision to wear trousers was her way of depicting female empowerment and modern religion by referencing the stringent oppression that women faced. Amal is recognised for her work in international law and human rights so it was important to us that her look made a statement and reinforced the amazing work that she does.’

    amal clooney

    Photo: Rex

    Others argued that the floral print on her bustier weren’t in keeping with the religious theme, but again, there was a secret meaning to it.

    ‘Amal wanted to include roses and lilies in the print because of their religious iconographies. The rose is an icon of veneration in the pre-Christian era, and was used in ancient Rome to symbolize devotion to the goddess Venus, and it was important to Amal that the print subtly referenced religion so we used heavy brush marks to mimic the look of a stain glass window on a beautifully detailed print,’ the designer revealed.

    Easily missed, but powerful once you know it.

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