This is the most depressing news if you watch Netflix

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  • So long friends, family, life…

    When it comes to Netflix binges, it turns out that we are more addicted to the streaming service than first thought.

    A new study from the data streaming site, has just calculated that the average Netflix subscriber watches around 1 hour and 40 minutes of Netflix each day.

    Out of context that doesn’t really sound that bad, you know, just a couple of episodes of The X-Files with time for a tea break. However, the study continues to outline the amount of time spent watching Netflix is actually more time than you spend participating in sports, reading, relaxing, thinking (?!) and socialising, daily… Combined.

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    The survey calculated this number by dividing the total number of Netflix streaming hours per day – 125 million hours worldwide, according to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings – by the number of subscribers (75 million) and the results are below, and pretty shocking when visualised.

    Remember, this is based on averages, so some Netflix users might be watching a lot less, whilst others (us) are, by the laws of averages, watching a hell of a lot more.

    So there it is for you, in blue and white.

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