Help use technology as a force for change at this year’s Cogx festival

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  • Next week the world's most innovative tech festival is going virtual and, trust us, you don't want to miss it...

    Technology is developing fast and improving our lives in ways we could never have anticipated, from twitter hashtags prompting political movements to the cars we drive actually telling us our horoscopes.

    But with the good must come the bad, and the alarming presence of fake news stories, data breaches and online abuse serves to remind us that emerging technologies can pose as many problems to the world as they can solutions.

    This is why it’s vital that we understand our relationship with technology, ensuring that together we can use it to change lives for the better.

    Marie Claire wants to help, which is why we’re joining forces with CEOs, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists and activists at the 2020 Virtual CogX Summit. Together, we want to start an online conversation about the future of the emerging technology community.

    What can I expect from CogX 2020?

    Taking place from 8th-10th June, CogX is a dynamic virtual event, set to bring together 30,000 attendees and 600 speakers, including world-famous anthropologist Jane Goodall and Samantha Power, Former United States Ambassador to the UN.

    In a time when we’re facing health problems of pandemic proportions, climate emergency and cyber security threats, it’s never been more important to utilise technology as a force for positive change – so with the theme of this year’s Virtual Cogx focusing on ‘getting the next 10 years right’, it couldn’t be a better time to join the conversation.

    Offering seminars on what work will look like in a post-COVID world, the use of technology to combat climate change and how our relationship with technology is changing the way different cultures think, the three-day conference will help attendees understand how artificial intelligence and technology will change the global landscape over the next decade.

    Developed to deliver a truly interactive digital experience, the festival will include virtual meet-the-speaker break out sessions, invigorating round table discussions and speed networking events. With participants being able to take part regardless of where they are in the world, this year’s CogX is set to be the most diverse and accessible yet.

    Where to find Marie Claire at CogX

    Tuesday 9th at 8am: Female Leaders in Tech Breakfast – ‘Closing the gender gap in STEM’
    How can we encourage more women and girls into STEM careers to build a future that incorporates the needs and voices of women? In this session, we explore why in the UK just 24% of STEM roles are held by women, and look at barriers to women pursuing careers in STEM with a diverse panel of speakers from across the tech industry. Topics we’ll be covering include how schools, colleges and government can come together to encourage girls to consider careers based on STEM subjects and the need for employers to take an active role in making STEM careers more appealing to female employees so that women are equally represented in the sector. Showcasing the Future Shapers and also how to inspire more women to go into this area.

    Tuesday 9th at 10am: At the Global Leadership Summit – ‘There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish’
    Michelle Obama’s words reflect female empowerment and how important it is for the female voice to be heard. With FTSE Boards and Parliament now having just over 30% of women involved how can this change to reflect society even more. Has a woman’s role gone backwards in the home during the pandemic and how can we ensure diversity across all sectors is encouraged

    Wednesday 10th at 2.30pm: Lab to Live stage – ‘Virtual Beauty Shoot – the new way forward’
    Lisa Oxenham, Marie Claire’s Beauty and Style Director is joined by photographer Benjamin Kaufmann and videographer Nick Tree to discuss the new concept of the Virtual Beauty Shoot – the process, the production, and how it will change the way we shoot editorial images forever.

    Wednesday 10th at 3pm: Createch stage – ‘Beyond Print’
    Emily Ferguson Marie Claire’s e-Commerce Director takes to the stage to discuss strategies to diversify away from traditional print revenues to create a strong digital foundation based on automated technologies, machine learning and finding touch points across the whole purchase funnel. Whilst leveraging the power of the Marie Claire brand and it’s editorial voice.

    How to get your ticket

    We’re pleased to be able to offer a limited number of free tickets to friends of Marie Claire and TI Media, and would be delighted if you would join Andrea Thompson, Editor in Chief, and the Marie Claire team as our guest at the Virtual CogX festival 2020.

    To secure your 3-day festival ticket, click here and add the code at the checkout: CPMCSFP1000

    It’s time to join the conversation.

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