I tried the new Charlotte Tilbury mascara with a 45,000 person waitlist

And this is why I'm already obsessed...

charlotte tilbury mascara

If there’s one thing we can always count on, it’s Charlotte Tilbury fans losing their collective mind as soon as a new Pillow Talk product launches - myself included. That happened again as soon as news hit social media about a new Charlotte Tilbury mascara. Could this be her best mascara yet? 

Three Pillow Talk products are sold every minute. So it's hardly surprising that within just seven days, 45,000 people had signed up to the waiting list for Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes, which launches today. I predict this product alone will send those global purchases stratospheric.

Having tried over 200 mascaras in my career as a beauty editor, I think I'm in a good position to make that sort of sweeping statement. This new mascara deserves bragging rights. In fact, I’d stick my neck out and say this is the best mascara I’ve ever tried.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes

charlotte tilbury mascara

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You see, Charlotte Tilbury understands better than most the transformative power of mascara. ‘When I was 13 years old a beauty editor gave me a mascara,’ she says. ‘I had such fair lashes and mascara really framed my eyes. I suddenly found that the world reacted differently to me when I had it on.’

As a result, Tilbury has obsessively studied lashes for the past 27 years. ‘I’ve done a study of the best lash DNA. I studied the architecture of every single eye and lash type.’ 

And so the Push Up Lashes Mascara was born. Promising 24-hour vertical lift without the need for an eyelash curler, Tilbury continues, ‘You get a tightlining effect without having to use eyeliner on your upper waterline to create a wide-eyed look. You also get a double lash effect like Elizabeth Taylor.’

The first point of difference you’ll notice is the ‘paddle brush’ applicator. Charlotte Tilbury’s mascara is literally the first in the world to feature this technology.

Which is to say, the brush features a flat area designed to be like a ‘reservoir for the product’. You use this part to layer mascara onto the lashes, while tiny bristles either side comb the product through each hair so there’s zero clumping. 

The second standout is the highly considered formula. It’s doused with ingredients like carnauba wax, which ensures the lashes stay flexible not crispy and won't leave flakes on your cheekbones after a few hours.

It also contains KerestoreTM 2.0, which mimics keratin, making this an all-in-one mascara and lash conditioner.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara: A Review

Equipped with Charlotte's mantra ‘load, comb and lift’,  I dutifully plied my lashes with the Push Up Lashes Mascara using the flat side of the brush. My first impression was, 'I’ve done it wrong and now have a solid block of black goo coating my lashes.'

That’s when the comb steps in and the magic really happens. I simply twisted the brush and pulled the bristles through my lashes. Each hair was beautifully separated, beefed up and lifted from root to tip.

Put simply: this is the mascara equivalent of a push-up bra for lashes. 

Charlotte Tilbury Mascara

Push Up Lashes is undoubtedly a make-up maximalist's dream if you love full-blown lashes. That said, you could skip using the flat part of the brush and simply go in with the comb if you want a less dramatic look.

Overall, it's brilliant if you want a mascara that does it all (lengthens, volumises and separates) in just two coats. I particularly love how I can see my lashes in my peripheral vision after applying it. 

There are some products that you just know are going to transition into long-term beauty loves. This is one of them.


Fiona Embleton

Fiona Embleton has been a beauty editor for over 10 years, writing and editing beauty copy and testing over 10,000 products. She has previously worked for magazines like Marie Claire, Stylist, Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health. Beauty journalism allowed her to marry up her first class degree in English Literature and Language (she’s a stickler for grammar and a self-confessed ingredients geek) with a passion for make-up and skincare, photography and catwalk trends.