Winehouse: Blake will not get penny

Amy Winehouse adamant she won’t give Blake Fielder-Civil a dime

Amy Winehouse, celebrity news, Marie Claire
Amy Winehouse, celebrity news, Marie Claire

Amy Winehouse adamant she won’t give Blake Fielder-Civil a dime

Amy Winehouse is gearing up for a heavyweight divorce battle, stating she won’t give Blake Fielder-Civil a penny of her hard-earned cash.

The singer is said to be fed up of her estranged husband bad-mouthing her, and has already reduced her £100,000 take-it-or-leave it offer to zero.

The star – who’s been holidaying in St.Lucia for the past few weeks – is reportedly building up a cast-iron case to avoid a hefty payout.

A source told the Mirror: ‘She’s adamant he’s been living off her coat-tails for too long and does not deserve a penny more.

‘Amy is turning her life around and wants Blake out of it.’

As well as insisting she’s already spent £500,000 on Fielder-Civil’s legal bills, she also has a fax proving she spent £36,000 on his rehab.

The source adds: ‘This is set to become the most acrimonious celebrity split of 2009. The knives are out.

‘If Amy has her way, their divorce will make Heather and Macca’s look like a stroll in the park.

‘Blake has been bad-mouthing her and Amy feels totally betrayed. She supported him the entire time he was banged up first time around, and this is the thanks she gets.

‘When he was released from jail and packed off to rehab, he didn’t even inform her. The first she heard of it was when the clinic invoiced her for £36k – she still has the fax to prove it.

‘On top of this, Amy spent in excess of half a million pounds on Blake’s legal team in the past year, as well as on presents and surprises for him.’

End of round one. Watch this space for round two.



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