Who Knew Both Gisele AND Miranda Kerr Could Sing (And Really Well)?

Gisele singing Blondie. Miranda Kerr covering Elvis. Whatever next?

First Gisele covers Blondie’s Heart of Glass
You’re The Boss.

She revealed they asked her to lend her vocal chords to the song after seeing her croon during a Japanese ice tea advert back in 2012.

‘They approached me and I said, “I’m not a singer,”‘ Miranda told the Telegraph.

‘I said, “If I don’t like it, it’s definitely not going anywhere,” and they said, ‘Of course.'”

She must be pretty chuffed with it though as the single will appear on Bobby’s album, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which comes out this Friday (April 25). Listen to Miranda in action below. We are very impressed.

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