A video of the Queen scolding Prince William in public is going viral

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Members of the royal family have a lot of rules to follow - whether it's how they walk down the stairs, the one thing they should never do when travelling or wedding traditions that cannot be broken.

But it seems that no matter how old you are, if your grandmother is the Queen and she's unhappy with you she will let you know about it.

In a resurfaced clip, the monarch is seen scolding Prince William in public - and it has gone viral.

The video, taken in 2016, sees the royal family on the Buckingham Palace balcony during a flypast as part of the Trooping the Colour celebrations. Once all members of the family have found a spot on the balcony, Prince William places his son, Prince George, at the front to get a good view. He then kneels to talk to him as they watch the planes fly towards them, before turning to say something to his brother, Prince Harry, who is standing just behind him.

However, the monarch seems less than impressed by his decision to kneel, and gives him a subtle nudge before ordering him to 'stand up' or 'get up'.

William immediately stands to watch the remainder of the show as the RAF planes fly above the Palace.

It has been suggested that the Queen may have seen the Duke of Cambridge's crouched position as a mark of disrespect to onlookers and the RAF, with body language experts commenting that she is very aware of how their movemements can be interpreted.

One expert, Judi James, commented on how William's body language offers insight into his parenting.

She told the Daily Star: 'George holds hands with his parents to walk with them in a more mirrored way and he is usually shown holding his dad’s hand in a way that suggests William is keeping his son close while inducting him into his future royal role.'

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