Tom Hardy’s deleted scene from Star Wars: The Last Jedi has surfaced

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  • And it's HILARIOUS.

    Words by Lexxi Davis

    When we found out that Tom Hardy was in the latest Star Wars, we couldn’t actually believe it – how did we miss this? But it turns out, he did have a small role, but it was in a scene that was later deleted.

    We know have that deleted scene. And of course, it’s AMAZING. Tom Hardy plays a stormtrooper so sadly we don’t see his face, but you’ll recognise that iconic voice, even through the American accent. And we all know it well from Tom Hardy’s bedtime story reading.

    This comes as yet another role where Tom Hardy has his face covered in films. Clearly a trend he’s sticking to.

    The Tom Hardy Star Wars cameo isn’t the first for well known celebrities hidden in these stormtrooper suits, Prince Harry and Prince William also starred as stormtroopers in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but like Hardy’s their scene was cut, too.

    Tom Hardy’s scene takes place in the First Order base in a lift, and sees John Boyega (aka Finn), have an awkward moment with a stormtrooper he used to know. The funniest part is when he smacks Finn on the backside and now we’re all wondering why they even cut the scene at all.

    Dear Star Wars film bosses, please bring Tom Hardy back in the next episode. It’s what everybody wants.

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