Think You Can Criticise Ellie Goulding's Body And Get Away With It? Not A Chance...

Ellie Goulding kept her response to her Internet haters short and sweet.

Ellie Goulding responds to weight critics
Ellie Goulding responds to weight critics
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Ellie Goulding kept her response to her Internet haters short and sweet.

Ellie Goulding has been working hard to keep her body toned, fit and healthy. So she's not going to just sit there quietly while Internet haters talk smack about her weight.

The 27-year-old singer has been posting loads of body-baring shots to Instagram lately. From the swimsuit pics to the post-workout selfies, Ellie's followers have a gotten a pretty clear look at her figure. And boy do they have some opinions.

Most of the commenters on Ellie's pics are positive, saying they love her, she's perfect, etc. (That's what fans are for, right?) But she has gotten her share of critics and not-so-nice comments, such as 'you look way too skinny' and 'weird mid section.'

But it seems Ellie has had enough.

After posting a picture of herself in tiny running shorts, Ellie got a tweet from an observant follower. 'Apparently you're too fat, too thin and too athletic? I like it - don't you go changin'!' he wrote.

Ellie retweeted him and added, 'Ha! I know!' And then she sent her own message out.

'Re recent Instagram post - quite baffling being described as underweight and overweight simultaneously... *scratches head*'

We like that Ellie didn't get angry or heated over the insults or call out any specific Internet trolls. Instead, she simply took the high road and acknowledged how silly they are.

Yet another reason why we love this lady...

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