The One With The Greatest Friends Blooper Ever

You’ll laugh so much it’ll kind of feel like an abs workout

(Image credit: Facebook / Alex Lee)

You’ll laugh so much it’ll kind of feel like an abs workout

Is there a combination greater than Friends and Friends bloopers? We’re going to answer that for you and say no.

Just like the show never gets old, watching the cast hilariously mess up never does either, and thanks to the power of the internet a classic scene that the Ross, Rachel, Phoebe et al spectacularly failed has resurfaced. 

The video is from 2001 episode, The One With Joey’s New Brain, which really is a great Friends vintage.

It features Joey rejoining Days Of Our Lives, when his comatose character Dr. Drake Remoray is implanted with the brain of a female character, Jessica Lockhart played by… SUSAN SARANDON.

Oh there is much hilarity to be had in this episode, namely thanks to Jessica Lockhart’s penchant for throwing drinks in peoples’ faces and slapping them, but also because Ross and his bagpipes make an appearance. And that dear friends, is where our blooper to end all bloopers comes from. 

David Schwimmer’s character tells Monica (Courteney Cox) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) that he has a surprise wedding present for them – the smooth dulcet sounds of his bagpipe playing. 

Expect the sounds to eminate from said pipes not to be smooth or dulcet.

Cackling ensues when Ross treats the gang to a bagpipe performance that is nothing short of terrible, so terrible that the cast break character and can’t stop themselves from cracking up.

Jennifer Aniston who plays Rachel is the first to completely lose it, followed by Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay), and then Matthew Perry who joins in with his own bagpipe impression.

It’s probably even funnier than the actual episode, and that’s saying a lot. 

Check out the video below, we defy you not to laugh.

Ah Friends, we love you. Someone work out a way for us to go back to the nineties and watch everything for the first time again? Thanks.

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