The Coachella Instagram clichés no celebrity can resist

We’re like, so enlightened right now

(Image credit: INSTAGRAM)

We’re like, so enlightened right now

There was a time when music festivals were all about being sweaty, smelly and caked in mud. You could abandon the make-up for a weekend, survive off baby wipes and some lip balm and dance around in your wellies to all your favourite bands.

Then celebs got in on the action – the types who before wouldn’t have been caught dead within an acre of a portaloo, or pitching a tent. But hey, when there’s social media and VIP areas, it's a pretty different ballgame.

And with the influx of celebs, came a batch of clichés that we see popping up every time it's festival season. And for some reason, Coachella is the cliché leader.

Here are some of our favourites...

The Coachella packing pic

Imagine having the packing skills for your suitcase to look Instagram-ready. Excuse us, but where exactly are your pants?

The journey there

Teenage Brooklyn Beckham gives his parents a very public travel update. Good lad.

Flower garlands, flower garlands... and more flower garlands

Oh my god! You’re such a hippy! Or in the Manson family!

Fake DJ sets

We don't think Calvin Harris needs to watch his back *just yet*

Short shorts

They’re part of the uniform. Bonjour wedgies.

Tassel hassel

As are these bad boys…

(Image credit: Rex Features (Shutterstock))

Maxing out the maxi

We’d love to see Paris negotiate the Glastonbury mud in this practical piece.

New hair, don’t care

Because going to Coachella makes you edgy and brave.

I’m so enlightened, man

Yeah man, hanging out in the VIP area with all the free booze and beautiful people will make you feel extra in tune with all your chakras.

Oh, would you look at how pretty we are

Unless your festival selfie looks like messy-haired, dirty-fingernailed, sunburnt filth, we don’t believe you were there.

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