Taylor Swift returned to social media in the most Taylor Swift way possible

Oh haiii

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
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Oh haiii

Taylor Swift has had a summer filled with serious ups and downs. On the one hand, she started dating Tom Hiddleston, and they are quite adorable and happy and clearly very much already in love. New relationships are always great! We love love. We love Hiddleswift. Also, Tom’s bum was crowned Rear of the Year, so erm, that was probs super exciting for the couple.

On the other hand, Taylor had to deal with the aftermath of what shall be referred to as Kimye’s Snapchatapocalypse, to which T-Swift posted a photo of a note on Instagram and Twitter, shutting down and refuting the accusations on July 18th, and then virtually vanished from social media for the rest of the month.

Until now.

Taylor hasn’t been super active on Twitter for a while now, for whatever reason, but she fairly regularly used to update her Instagram account (usually with pics of her fabulous parties, hang-outs with the dazzling crew of BFFs, and concerts). The T-Swift Instagram well ran dry over the past few weeks, save one super-duper throwback photo of teenaged Selena Gomez and Taylor, in honour of her friend’s 24th birthday.

Fittingly, Taylor has returned to us with an adorable cat video via Instagram Stories which, truly, is the best possible way to re-emerge into the spotlight. Who could possibly hate on a cat video?!


In the video, one of Taylor’s cats Olivia (notoriously named for Law & Order: SVU’s badass Detective Olivia Benson) is lounging around with Taylor on her bed. 'What’s going on? You feeling less like a cat and more like a squirrel today?' Taylor jokes. When Olivia rears up on her hind legs (very squirrel-like indeed), Taylor deadpans, 'Yep.'

Taylor then posted an Instagram in honour of one of her besties, Karlie Kloss, who turned 24 today (happy birthday Karlie!). Welcome back, Taylor!

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