Is the Spice Girls TV show over before it has even begun?


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Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

It might be 21 years since the Spice Girls burst into our lives with their mega platforms and mini dresses, but girl power lives forever. Remember when they all reunited for the London 2012 Olympics and it literally made the lives of all the girls who had spend a good chunk of their childhood singing Wannabe at the mirror into a hairbrush?

So when Geri, Emma and Mel B announced that they were reforming for the Spice Girls 20th anniversary last year we all got our scrunchies out and mentally prepared for the online battle of securing tour tickets.

Only, it didn't happen. Victoria Beckham and Mel C were very vocal about the fact that they really weren't keen on a reunion, with Victoria reportedly stopping the girls from using their old material and Mel C refusing to sign up so that she could focus on her won music career.

And although that didn't stop Geri, Emma and Mel B from forming the Spice Girls spin-off, GEM, it seems that Victoria and Mel C have also put a stop to a Spice Girls TV show that was supposed to be finding their replacements. Awkward.

The TV talent show to find two more Spice Girls, which was due to air in April, has been axed - and with it, our dreams of being the next Posh.

A source told The Sun: 'Unfortunately, it won’t be happening now. Neither Victoria nor Mel C were on board with the idea and faced with an "us and them" situation, it was dropped.

'It’s a shame because it would have been one of the most sought-after prizes in reality TV show history.'

Thames TV, the company behind shows like Britain's Got Talent and The X Factor, were behind the show before the plug was pulled, and the winners would have been picked in time for a summer concert in Hyde Park.

Might be time to retire the copycat Union Jack dress we got off eBay :(

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