This unearthed Spice Girls video is everything

Girl power!

Spice Girls
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Girl power!

As if you needed further proof that the world would be infinitely better if the Spice Girls collectively were the Prime Minister/President/Queens of the world, this archived clip of the band comes back to life, thanks to the internet, and the world freaks out. And, understandably so, because this is everything.

Let us take you way back to 1997 when the Spice Girls owned us all and were winning at life. It's no surprise Polaroid wanted to cash in on the girls' success and make them the stars of their latest advert.

Clad in grey skirts, white shirts and ties as makeshift schoolgirls, Mel C, Mel B, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham, AKA sporty spice, scary spice, baby spice, ginger spice and posh spice, slam down a man on set as he suggests they show more skin.

This amazing behind-the-scenes video starts with Mel B storming up to a producer saying, 'why did you ask to have a cleavage showing and a midriff showing?'

His reply? 'It's every man's fantasy.' Ugh. The Spice Girls were unimpressed to say the least.

Enter Geri, who then calls the man a chauvinistic pig and Victoria who starts mocking the man. Geri starts questioning what example they'll be setting to their female fans while Mel B reminds the cameraman of their opinion by firmly saying 'we said NO' into the camera.

And waving their feminist flag, Mel C appears on screen uttering 'Girl Power!' (The ultimate timeless 90s slogan.)

Why have we not seen this before!?

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You'll also be pleased to know that the final result of the advert showed 0% cleavage or midriff and 100% sassy awesomeness as the girls promote their Spice Cam. Thank you to the internet powers that be for bringing this amazing footage into our lives and giving us life. Please say the Spice Girls reunion is happening. Girl power, indeed.

Delphine Chui