Ryan Reynold's out of office email makes hilarious jabs at his and Blake Lively's marriage

'Skype with secret family in Denmark.'

ryan reynolds out of office email
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'Skype with secret family in Denmark.'

Ryan Reynolds doesn’t have time to answer your email, but his out of office reply totally makes sending one worth it. The Deadpool actor was on a talk show recently to plug his alcohol brand Aviation Gin and made the amazing mistake of sharing his work email address with the universe. Unsurprisingly, he’s been pretty slammed with messages and it’s gotten to the point where he’s had to turn on an out of office responder that tells you exactly where he is at all times in the week - plus pokes a lot of loving fun at his wife Blake Lively and their children.

He revealed on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon that his email was ryan@aviationgin.com and said that if you shot him an email, ‘you get a response back at least’. I tried it out and got a pretty instantaneous response with a detailed breakdown of his week’s schedule, which you can see below.

It started off with the sentence, ‘Bruce, see below. I’m swamped. No way can I squeeze anything else in this week.’

He then attached an image of his schedule, which included dropping off his kids at the ‘celebrity child kennel’, making time to cry in front of strangers, deal with a secret second family and a reminder to make ‘no divorce jokes’.

ryan reynolds out of office email

Blake Lively was dotted all over his agenda and he skilfully helped plug some of her projects, namely her upcoming film A Simple Favour. On Monday at 8pm, there was a scheduled screening of her film at the MOMA. But if you read on, he'd also scheduled his own little breakdown at 9pm to ‘sneak out’ to ‘regroup’ during the screening. He left a firm note to himself: ‘it can’t be all about you. This is her moment. Get it together, asshole.’

He also snuck in a reference to her own appearance on Jimmy Fallon on Thursday evening, as well as a more charming date night on Saturday at 7pm - though he didn’t divulge what it would involve. All we know is that it lasted ten minutes and that he would be watching Paddington 2 immediately afterwards, ‘alone’.

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His trademark wry sense of humour was apparent throughout, as he dropped in little quips like a plan to ‘skype with secret family in Denmark’ and ‘spend the day looking for roles which feature a strong male character’ - a dig at Hollywood’s oversaturation of powerful roles for men, but not all that many for women.

Like his anti-hero Deadpool, he also dropped in a pop culture reference (the first ‘gym, tan, laundry’ is a reference to a reality TV show called Jersey Shore) and harkened back to his Canadian roots with a shout out to the Toronto Maple Leafs, one of their national ice hockey teams.

Aviation gin is something of a recent venture for Ryan Reynolds, who explained in the interview he’d fallen in love with it after going back to the same cocktail bar several times to have ‘the best negroni’. He later discovered it was made with Aviation Gin and bought his way into the business as an owner, which he seems to be loving if him chugging a neat gin on the Fallon show is any indication.

Another reason why he decided to invest in Aviation Gin? Well, it had a little something to do with his family.

‘You’ve gotta trust your gut with this kind of stuff,’ he said. ‘Eleven years ago I remember reading a Deadpool comic and feeling like this is a once in a lifetime connection and then a few years later, I met my wife. And then I was like, I guess a once in a lifetime connection can happen twice. And then we had our children and that’s when I realised...I love gin. So.’

Cheers to that, Ryan. We can’t wait to grab a bottle for ourselves.

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