Rush for ingredients for Gordon Ramsay show

Rush for ingredients for Gordon Ramsay's live cookalong show

Supermarkets have ordered extra stock of the ingredients needed for Gordon Ramsay’s latest cooking programme, after an expected surge in sales ahead of tomorrow night’s programme.

As part of Channel 4’s The Big Food Fight featuring chefs Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Gordon Ramsay will host Cookalong: Live tomorrow night, inviting the nation to cook along with the celebrity chef in their own homes.

In an hour-long show Ramsay hopes to prove to people that everyone is able to prepare delicious, home-cooked food in just 60 minutes.

As promotion of the programme has increased, Asda has quadrupled its order of king scallops, which are on the menu for the live show. Other ingredients Ramsay is dishing up include sirloin steaks, black olives, Tia Maria and Crunchie bars.

Check back later to see Gordon in action in an exclusive preview clip of the programme, on air at 9pm tomorrow night on Channel 4.

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