This revelation about the Queen’s holiday habits is going viral

Here’s everything to know…

Here’s everything to know…

The royals have to be the most talked-about family in the world, with the Mountbatten-Windsors making news for everything from baby Archie’s christening to Prince Charles’ potential cameo in the upcoming James Bond film.

The Queen is understandably more talked-about than most of her relatives, with the monarch famed for her sharp wit, sweet bonds with family members and her Queen-worthy perks (from having someone to wear in her shoes to banning this food from her kitchen).

This week however it wasn’t her extra perks and privileges that got the world talking, but instead her relatable side, as a detail about her holiday habits emerged.

Yes, while we all like to imagine that the Queen dines off diamond-encrusted plates and has platters of truffles ferried to her chair all year round, it turns out that behind the closed doors of her Balmoral holiday home, she actually lives a ‘normal existence’.

Royal author Juliet Rieden recently opened up about the Monarch’s holiday habits and it’s not what any of us expected.

‘This is where she loves to be, this is holiday time for the Queen,’ Juliet explained of Balmoral to Nine News. ‘She always said this is where she feels most herself and feels most free.’

She continued: 'When they are out having their barbecues, which they love to do out in the grounds of Balmoral – it’s a massive estate, the most beautiful grounds – where they literally set up a barbecue. And afterward the Queen does the washing up.’

Royals - they’re just like us!

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