Here's why the Queen and Prince George share an extra special bond

This is lovely.

This is lovely.

The Queen is undoubtedly one of the busiest people in the world, from being monarch to multiple countries to running the Windsor family.

The people she always has time for no matter how busy she is however are her great-grandchildren, with the Queen boasting eight.

Yes, eight.

While we’re sure the monarch loves all of her great-grandchildren equally, royal sources have reportedly let slip that she is particularly close with Prince George, now third in line to the throne.

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According to a source via the Daily Mail, the Queen 'goes out of her way to spend time with him’.

And not only this, but she reportedly likes to treat him when they do spend time together.

‘The doting queen takes time to select little presents that she leaves at the foot of George’s bed every time he stays over,’ the source explained, something Kate Middleton has spoken about in the past.

It's hardly surprising that the Queen has such a special bond with the prince, with her known to have gone out of her way to spend time with his father Prince William during his childhood, suggesting she could be preparing them both for the role of monarch.

We wonder what the Queen is getting Prince George for his 6th birthday!

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