What Harry actually said to Meghan in viral clip of him 'telling her off'

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Earlier this month the Queen celebrated her birthday with the annual Trooping the Colour parade, and all eyes were on the royal family. Prince Louis debuted his royal wave, and Kate Middleton gave a nod to her wedding day with her choice of outfit.

Many noticed that baby Archie didn't attend, but were thrilled that Meghan Markle showed up despite being on maternity leave. She arrived with Prince Harry, Kate and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, and while it was initially reported that Meghan didn't make a balcony appearance on the day, she did in fact stand among the royals but was simply nearer to the back and not centre stage (for this reason).

But fans of the Duchess of Sussex were less pleased when they saw a now-viral video of Harry 'telling her off' as they stood on the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

In a clip shared on Twitter, one fan wrote: 'Prince harry told her “turn around. now” and meghan looks so sad... brb imma cry.'

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The clip shows Meghan turning to her husband, with him responding, before she turns to him a second time and she promptly makes a point of facing forward.

But a lip reader has deciphered what the Duke of Sussex actually said to his wife, and it might not be as harsh as the internet is making out.

According to the expert, Tina Lannin, he wasn't scolding Meghan. She told The Sun that she believes Harry says: 'No he hasn't. Oh fine. Turn around.'

This happens just as the National Anthem begins to play, so Harry may have been reminding Meghan that she needed to stand to attention.

We're not convinced that Harry was being stern with his wife - it's more likely that he told her to turn around to follow royal protocol.

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