8 Of The Best Pretty Little Liars Theories

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  • Tonight we find out who 'A' is, but here are some of our favourite theories from the Internet... WARNING: SPOILERS.

    We cannot contain our excitement for tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars.After 6 seasons, that’s 130 episodes of screaming at the television and hours of trawling through fan theories, we are finallygoing to figure out who the mysterious A is! We ourselves have been searching through Reddit threads and Twitter feeds, and these are our eight favourite A theories…

    1.Wren Kingston

    Who is he? Fit doctor at Radley, Melissa’s ex, had a brief fling with Spencer
    Why him?

    • He knew a lot about Radley before he started working there, perhaps that’s because he was a patient there instead?
    • He drinks vodka and soda and so does A.
    • Eddie Lamb at Radley admitted that he was always suspicious of Wren. 
    • Wren lives in Philadelphia, where A LOT of A’s purchases are made.
    • In Season 1, episode 4, the girls block a mysterious phone number. That night when Wren was drunk he asked Spencer why he couldn’t get through to her because it said his number was blocked! 
    • Wren and Charles have the same ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ poster…
    • There just always seems to be no mention of why he is British, is that accent all a cover up? 

    2.Aria Montgomery
    Who is she? One of the Liars.
    Why her?

    • A emerged around the time she came back from Europe.
    • A lot of A’s shenanigans work in Aria’s favour. For example, getting rid of Jackie and the letter written to her mum about her dad’s affair. 
    • In Season 2 Aria was the last person to have the red coat before Mona was visited by Red Coat… Plus she wouldn’t let Emily look inside her prom dress bag – was she hiding the red coat in there instead?
    • The girls always said that Aria was the best at lying.
    • Mona referred to Aria as “Big A” in the school corridor. 
    • Mona was listening to a song called ‘Aria in 30 Variations.’
    • Aria’s the focus of the introduction sequence, and is the one to put her finger’s up to her lips to ‘sh.’ 
    • Either that, or many believe Aria might have an evil twin.

    3.Mike Montgomery

    Who is he? Aria’s younger brother
    Why him?

    • Some think that too much has happened to Aria for it to be her, so why not her younger brother instead?
    • Some thinks he suffers with bipolar disorder which explains his personality change from angry outburts to apologetic brother. Plus Aria refers to him as a “werewolf.” 
    • Noel was seen talking to Mike about exposing Aria and Ezra. Could Mike have tipped Aria off to protect their relationship?
    • He’s always super protective of his laptop – what’s he hiding on it? 
    • He returns Aria’s iPod to her just before that creepy violin music suddenly appears on it. 
    • Some think that Mike was really in love with Alison after a fling with her the summer before. Whilst Mona said she was using Mike to get close to the girls, it could have been Mike using her instead? 

    4.Caleb Rivers
    Who is he? Hanna’s boyfriend and all round tech whizz
    Why him?

    • He has the best technical skills to pull this all off, after all he’s a computer genius.
    • When he moved to Ravenswood (and that spinoff show was created) people stopped assuming it was him. However he returned to Pretty Little Liars around the time the writers decided to change who A was. Coincidence? 
    • He has a very dodgy, untraceable family history. Perhaps he’s really a DiLaurentis. 
    • We don’t know his age, nor has it ever been mentioned, so he could in fact be Jason’s older brother. 
    • He’s overly protective of Hanna but maybe it’s not because he’s trying to protect her, but has a darker motive to keep the girls away. 
    • We’ve been told the Big A reveal was going to be heartbreaking and twisted. What’s more heartbreaking than possibly the most loved character and Hanna’s future husband being their stalker/attemptive murderer?
    • However, some also think that Caleb is a undercover cop all along.

    5.Toby Cavanaugh
    Who is he?
    Spencer’s boyfriend, Jenna’s step brother, has known the girls for years and is now a police officer.
    Why him?

    • Well, Toby’s mum and Jessica DiLaurentis could be sisters, thus making Toby Alison’s cousin. Charles could in fact be Toby’s brother – after all, in Jenna’s visitor’s book you see a C. Cavanaugh – Charles Cavanaugh?
    • In the first season Jenna, Toby’s stepsister, is seen dressed as Lady Gaga in a red coat – could that be the red coat?
    • Alison was being sent messages in prison. Pretty convenient for a police officer to do that…
    • A lot of us were confused about Toby’s subplot surrounding the death of his mother. However it could make more sense if he was related to the DiLaurentis’. This is especially true in the case of his weird relationship with Alison, and the conflict they had surrounding Alison’s grandmother’s will. 
    • After all, he has the biggest motive to kill Alison after the pain she has put him and his family through. Mona could have confided in him when she was admitted to Radley that Alison was still alive. He therefore could have taken over from Mona as A to torture the girls and draw Alison back to Rosewood. 

    6.Byron Montgomery
    Who is he?
    Aria’s dad
    Why him?

    • Byron means “barn for cows.” In Season 5, episode 24, Aria and Mike are sent a cow’s tongue and barns are also a big part of Pretty Little Liars. Wren draws a picture of a family that looks like the Montgomery’s outside a barn… with cows. Marlene King also posted a picture on Instagram of a barn saying, “It’s A sign.” Could there be anymore hints?
    • At the start of the Big A Reveal teaser trailer we hear the words “Velkommir”, which means ‘welcome’ in Icelandic. Byron moved his family to Iceland just after Alison’s disappearance. 
    • Bethany could actually be Byron’s daughter (and possibly connected to the DiLaurentis and the Cavanaughs). So when Alison says to Byron: “You know how much it’ll hurt Aria if you make that call”, we are led to believe he was going to tell Aria about Meredith, but what if it was him telling her about his other daughter instead?
    • At Ian’s funeral Byron kept looking around rather than at the casket, looking suspiciously like someone who has commited murder. As well as that, Ian’s suicide letter has the same handwriting as Byron’s. 
    • In one scene, a random student was seen carrying a book titled ‘Eastern Philadelphia.’ There is a city there called Montgomery. 
    • We keep getting hinted at that “Big A” is Aria, but what if the Big means that A is in fact someone related to Aria, and older? 
    • A seems oddly protective of Aria. In the game of spin the bottle A moves the bottle from Aria to Spencer, knives were also put in Jason’s punching bag but we know it was definitely not by Ezra. So perhaps someone else close to Aria did it instead? 
    • Keegan Allen who plays Toby said: “Everyone will wonder why A is who they are.” I think we all be if it was Aria’s dad!

    7.Ezra Fitzgerald

    Who is he? A teacher at Rosewood High and Aria’s on/off boyfriend
    Why him?

    • Many think it can no way be Ezra after he was accused of being A but it instead was discovered he was writing a book about Alison. But what if this was a cover up all along?
    • Again, A seems oddly protective of Aria and Ezra’s relationship, whilst other one’s they don’t mind destroying (we’re looking at you Haleb!). 
    • He has a typewriter in his apartment and A writes a lot of notes in a typewriter format.
    • Lolita, the book connected to Vivian Darkbloom, is about a teacher being attracted to younger girls. 
    • He always has a lot of money, and is definitely old enough to be able to rent apartments and other suspicious things A does. 
    • Ezra wears a gas mask when he fights with Spencer in Ravenswood, and then we see a gas mask in Mona’s room in the Dollshouse. 
    • In Season 5, episode 7, Ezra told Spencer he wanted to write a different book: “One about my family, about my brother and me and how our parents changed from what they were to who they are.” Could this be hinting at a Charles and Jason relationship? 

    8. Hanna Marin

    Who is she? One of the Liars
    Why her?

    • Alison was the nastiest to her out of all the girls, especially about her weight. Hanna has big reasons to hate Alison, and to want to hurt her.
    • It was pointed out quite a lot that Hanna took Alison’s place once she went missing – was this her plan all along?
    • Hanna loves to lie, and forgery. She pushed Aria to make a fake Jackie profile, and she loved Emily faking a scholarship letter from Danby.
    • She has always stayed close friends with Mona, despite the fact she tried to murder them.
    • In Season 3, episode 8 Hanna says this about Mona: “Mona and I are very close. We’re like the same person… but Mona made sure we didn’t disappear, and I owe her for that.”
    • She’s A LOT smarter than she is made out to be. Maybe she does have that ability to carry out A’s plans. Plus, Caleb is really clever too. Maybe he does know who A is, but because it’s the girl he loves he has chosen to keep quiet?
    • When Hanna was holding a gun at someone who the girls thought was A, she didn’t shoot. Why didn’t she shoot? Because she knew who it was and was trying to protect them? 
    • In an interview with the cast it was revealed that Troian (Spencer), and Ashley (Hanna), knew who A was. The other cast members were shocked. Why would Ashley need to know? Unless she’s A!

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