The Internet Has Got The Giggles About This Accidentally Phallic Cookie Cutter

When this went up for sale on Amazon the naughty puns came rolling in...


When this went up for sale on Amazon the naughty puns came rolling in...

Sorry to lower the tone a bit, but can we please just talk for a moment about this very naughty-shaped cookie cutter?

Designed in honour of St Patrick's Day, the 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' cutter was created with the perfectly innocent intention of helping bakers create a lovely rainbow design - ending with a patriotic 'pot o' gold' - to celebrate the Irish festival.

Unfortunately, several people with their minds in the gutter have pointed out that it looks a little like something else...

Naturally, it wasn't long before the funny reviews started to come in.

Here are a few of our favourites:

A user who goes by the name of Svlad Cjelli wrote:

'No matter what I did, I couldn't get the cookie dough to rise. My wife said "Oh, honey. It's ok. It happens to all bakers now and then." Which, you know, was nice of her to say. Still, I felt kind of deflated.'

While another took a more subtle approach:

'I was so excited to make cookies for the annual school Saint Patrick's Day party at my son's school. The night before I stayed up all night making over 100 "pot o'gold" cookies. They were really great! The cookie cutter is of exceptional quality and it is awesome that it is of such a fun shape. No more boring heart shaped cookies for me sir! The trouble began when I ran out of food coloring. I had to use dark pink icing for the entire cookie. I may update this review later and let you all know how the disciplinary hearing with the school board goes.'

Then there was this review, which potentially took things a little too far:

'The choice to purchase this Pot O' Gold was not a hard one, but was a big one. I had an important job ahead of me and I didn't want to blow my load on the cutter. A good friend of mine linked me to another cutter and attempted to persuade me, but her reasoning was flaccid at best.'

Oh well. There's always one.

And just in case you're wondering, here is what the finished product is supposed to look like.

Perfectly innocent right? We don't know where they're coming from.

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