EXCLUSIVE: Director Nancy Meyers Talks The Holiday Sequel

The Holiday director Nancy Meyers has split the beans on the possibility of a sequel

The Holiday Kate Winslet Jack Black
The Holiday Kate Winslet Jack Black
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The Holiday director Nancy Meyers has split the beans on the possibility of a sequel

When we grabbed (literally) five minutes to chat to director Nancy Meyers about her latest movie, The Intern, we couldn’t help but ask about the future of one of our favourite-ever Christmas movies: Will there ever be a The Holiday sequel?

‘That would be so interesting,’ Nancy told Marie Claire exclusively. ‘I’m gonna email Jude [Law] and [ask] “Shall we?”’

While we tried to compose ourselves over the fact that Nancy has Jude Law’s email address, the iconic director went on to imagine where in the world each of the main characters from her 2006 hit would be now.

In case you have lived under a rock with your eyes closed and/or you are allergic to the warm fuzziness of Christmas, The Holiday is a transatlantic star-studded flick starring Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black.

Set against the equally beautiful backdrops of sunny California and snowy Surrey, it has quickly become a festive favourite and Nancy gave us her two cents on where we might find the couples in the sequel.

‘Jude and Cameron…I think by now they have kids, she’s probably living in London. Kate is in LA, I think that’s maybe where I would take it.’

Alas, Nancy admitted that the studio has yet to approach her about The Holiday 2 but Jude has expressed his interest in revisiting his character. Think it’s time to start a petition to bring Mr. Napkinhead back, already…

Watch our interview with Nancy Meyers, below...

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