Myleene Klass admits relationship problems

Myleene Klass: Having a baby nearly ruined my relationship

Myleene Klass
Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass: Having a baby nearly ruined my relationship

She may appear to have it all (perfect job, figure, talent), but Myleene Klass has revealed that becoming a mum nearly destroyed her relationship.

The TV presenter, M&S model and classical musician, who first found fame on reality TV show popstars, gave birth to little Ava last year and, in a detailed interview with the Daily Mail, has told how the pressures of being a mum, and combining motherhood with her career, were so great they nearly ruined her relationship with security guard Graham Quinn. At one point, she reveals, she even thought about leaving him.

'I am tired, tired all the time,'' she says. 'Sometimes I feel like crying because I am so tired. People say I make it look easy, but I don't have any of the answers, I'm still trying to figure things out.

'My relationship with my fiancé Gray has been under huge pressure and I have never felt so lonely and isolated. I wonder how other working mums do it - how do they make it look so easy?

'Things haven't worked out the way I thought they would and just when I think I'm getting there, something else comes along. Just when I had got sterilising bottles down to a T, I had to start making purées. Christ - I can't even cook for myself! It's hard - harder than work.

'One of my worst nights was when I was hosting the red carpet at the Baftas. Gray was away with work and I had left Ava with a friend for the first time when I got a phone call to say my burglar alarm was going off.

'I couldn't leave, so I didn't know if someone was rifling through my house. I was worried about Ava and I had to put a big smile on my face as I interviewed Ricky Gervais and Daniel Craig. I thought: "What am I doing? How do people do this?"'

In the weeks after Ava was born, she admits she 'wanted to kill' Graham, and told friends she thought about leaving him.

But, she says, their relationship is now back on track. 'Our relationship has changed a lot, but now that it has been eight months things are getting better. We love each other and we are a family.

'[But] It is hard on a relationship. We will never be back to normal, it's a new place we have found. I just want him to appreciate what my day is like. I don't need the sympathy or adulation, I just want some understanding.

'When I get home, my day is not over. I need to prepare for the next day, I need to sterilise the bottles and I might even get around to making Gray some dinner. I know it is the same for every working mother - but it seems like nobody really talks about it, what a challenge it can be for a couple.'

With so much on her plate - she is a model for M&S, DJ for Classic FM, recording classical artist for EMI, TV presenter, film reporter for CNN, plus she has written a book about her pregnancy, is designing a range of childrenswear for Mothercare, is due to host next week's Classical Brits, and is also considering offers from both the BBC and ITV for a prime-time Saturday night show from mid June - many people might say she should cut back on work.

But she says she would consider herself 'lazy' if she did not work. 'I am the breadwinner for my family, and when I am doing a rubbish job like standing in a frozen field for hours to do a link, the thing that keeps me going is the idea that I am doing it for Ava.

'When it comes to work I may be my own worst enemy, but I have turned work down. I quit as a DJ on Capital as that was taking up five hours every Sunday, and I quit The One Show as it was too much to do every day. Having Ava means I have a clearer idea of where I need to go.'

She added: 'I know I have a privileged life, but I work hard for privileged life. I like to work and I like to feel I have achieved something. I'm not the prettiest, or the most talented and I've got wobbly bits and a lazy eye, but I make up for it with sheer hard work. I like to push myself and be the best I can.'


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