This is how much Heidi Klum's costume apparently cost (prepare your eyes)

Oh, come on...

Heidi Klum, Halloween Costumes
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Oh, come on...

Words - Allanah Dykes

We know you are probably over Halloween, since it IS November already. But not so fast! We have another Halloween development. According to her Halloween costume designer, Heidi Klum’s outfit MAY have cost 10 million dollars to create!

Heidi Klum is infamous for her Halloween costumes. But this year, she may have outdone herself. OK, who are we kidding — Heidi Klum will always be the winner of Halloween costumes and will probably always win Most Creative. If you spent the weekend stuffing your face with Halloween sweets after trick or treating (SAME THOUGH) you may not be familiar with Klum’s choice of costume this year. Well this year she went as herself. That’s right you heard us she showed up as herself, but was flanked with five clones.

TooFab interviewed Heidi Klum’s longtime costume designer Mike Marino of Prosthetic Renaissance to talk about the company’s collaboration with Heidi

He stated,'We initially took Heidi’s Lifecast as a reference for the masks. Mike Fontaine and I sculpted and created the masks derived from that mold. We cast a thin rubbery urethane inside the molds making the thinnest masks possible, fitting over parts on Lifecasts of the models. They wore the initial mask, DermaFlage silicone to fill any gaps in the mask, and custom prosthetics over that to blend into the mask and their skin in the eye area and chin. Each girl wore up to 6 prosthetics, a wig, and eyebrows. It took about 2 hours per girl. When we were finished, Linda Hay did their beauty makeup and Nikki Fontaine and Rolando Beauchamp dealt with the wig wraps and hair styling.'

When TooFab asked how much the whole thing cost Fontaine said 10 MILLION DOLLARS. But when TooFab followed up they conferred that the price tag could be a mix of sarcasm and playful fodder. So really, who knows.

According to TooFab, a rep for Prosthetic Renaissance replied, 'We can never give full details on payment, so we’ll leave it up to your imagination!'

We may never know how much the infamous costumes cost but to give you a scale without the enhancements the Herve Leger Katina Stretch Jacquard-Knit Mini Dresses (altered into bodysuits) that she and her clones wore were $1,490 each. This alone totals to $8,940.

In the name of Halloween, Heidi Klum truly is the Queen of the Dead

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