Mischa Barton: Being sectioned was a good thing

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  • Mischa Barton reveals being placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold was 'necessary'

    Mischa Barton has spoken for the first time about being sectioned under the Mental Health Act earlier this year.

    In an interview with Heat magazine, the actress claimed her period under an involuntary psychiatric hold was actually a ‘good’ thing.

    ‘I was shocked it went that far,’ she said, ‘but I think it was necessary for me to take that time out. I’m so much more settled and calm now. Ultimately, it was a positive thing.’

    Revealing that her spell in psychiatric care was triggered by trouble with her wisdom teeth, she continued: ‘I went to the hospital because of pain with my wisdom teeth and I ended up getting “put in”, but that’s because I was so overwhelmingly stressed out and upset.

    ‘I think it was my teeth and the stress of having a new job and travelling. I was miserable. Actresses aren’t given any time to recover after stuff like that – you’re expected to bounce back from surgery and work right away again. You’re not given the time to be human.’

    Even still, the 23-year-old added that mental illness can happen to ‘anyone’ and that lots of people suffer from disorders.

    ‘Going into hospital and having a bad experience, then being held on an involuntary psychiatric hold – it happens to more people than you know. It’s a common thing.

    ‘There was just too much going on in my life and my health wasn’t taking precedence.’




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