This is what Meghan's page boy was so excited about at the royal wedding

Other than being a page boy at the wedding of the century, of course

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Other than being a page boy at the wedding of the century, of course

It feels like forever ago now, but the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took place barely two weeks ago.

Now the question on everyone's lips is where the new Duke and Duchess will be spending their honeymoon – with rumours that they will also visit Meghan's father in Mexico, as well as a trip to The Netherlands in the summer.

But, back to the wedding, and one of our favourite moments from the whole day took place just inside the chapel as Meghan prepared to walk down the aisle.

Remember Brian Mulroney, the page boy who looked unbelievably excited to be at the wedding? Watch the six-second clip below as a reminder.


Now, his dad Ben Mulroney has revealed exactly why his 7-year-old son had such a joyous reaction – and it's the sweetest thing we've ever heard.

'I asked him, and he said he'd never heard a trumpet before,' he told presenters on chat show Your Morning.

'I think when he walked in, he saw all the people there, and the flowers, none of that was there during the rehearsal.'


Brian was a page boy along with his twin brother, John, while their younger sister Ivy, 4, was a bridesmaid.

'There had been so much talk about getting it right with the rehearsals and these kids are so young,' their father added. 'There was a lot of worry that this wouldn't get done right, but they're having so much fun with it.

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'And that, to me, was the thing that gave me the most pride was that we didn't put so much pressure on them that this wasn't joyful for them. It was pretty darn joyful.'

We bet Brian, John, Ivy and all of Harry and Meghan's other page boys and bridesmaids had the time of their lives.

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