Meghan Markle has responded to those engagement rumours

So what does THAT mean?

meghan markle

So what does THAT mean?

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Prince Harry's relationship with Meghan Markle has had everyone talking since they confirmed they were an item last year. The couple met in July 2016 and have proceeded to move rather quickly, with Harry taking the actress on the sort of extravagant dates we could only dream of, and reports even suggesting that they are already planning to move in together later this summer.

But when Meghan deleted her lifestyle blog, The Tig, a few months ago, speculation mounted that the pair were planning to get engaged. Meghan has already been given the royal stamp of approval from the Queen herself, and rumour has it that Harry has been planning to pop the question on this date.

So when the Suits actress was asked about where their relationship was going, all eyes were on her as she gave her answer.

Meghan appeared at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas with her Suits co-stars where she was discussing her character, Rachel Zane.

'I am so happy... she's worked so hard and I love that, as a role model, how she's been crafted to balance it all and now have this place at the firm where she really knows her standing and her office isn't just because she's a good researcher, it's because she's an associate. She's really earned that spot,' Meghan admitted.

But when a reporter threw a question at her about whether she hopes to marry Prince Harry, she knew exactly how to handle it.

What did she do? She reportedly just smiled and said absolutely nothing.

Rick Hoffman, who acts alongside Meghan in the US drama, also appeared to hint at her romance with Harry, suggesting that during a reading she adopts a British accent. Meghan apparently laughed and blushed as the audience cheered.

Perhaps it's time to start looking for a hat...

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