Margot Robbie still lives in flatshare in Clapham

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  • And we love her for it

    Without wanting to be rude, we reckon Margot Robbie is probably worth a few bob. Between the Wolf of Wall street and the upcoming Suicide Squad, she’s not exactly struggling for work. So we were a bit surprised to learn that she still lives in a flat share in Clapham with her boyfriend and four other house mates. FOUR.

    We’ve got a lot of questions. Does she do her washing up? Does she use other people’s milk? Does she pay her rent on time? Has she at least indulged in her celeb status a little bit and got a cleaner? The news also got us thinking that we don’t know that much about the divinely gorgeous and increasingly super famous Robbie. So here you go, everything you could ever need to know about Margot Robbie.

    She was on Neighbours
    We’re not saying that Neighbours is genetically engineering beautiful talented actresses in some kind of lab, but… After her stint on the Australian soap opera, Margot moved to the US, to work on the drama PanAm (which was amazing and shouldn’t have been cancelled) before being cast in Richard Curtis’ most recent film, About Time.

    She’s down to earth AF

    As well as still living in a massive flat share, she’s also a fan of the old youth hostel experience. ‘I just think they’re more fun’ she told Australian breakfast show Kiis FM. If we had her career we’d be skipping the shared dormitory for a five star hotel with private spa, but y’know, each to their own.

    She met her boyfriend at work

    Her boyfriend Tom Ackerly is an assistant director who she met on the set of the film Suite Francais. They’ve been together since 2013.

    She wasn’t sure about the Wolf of Wallstreet

    Robbie wasn’t convinced that Naomi Lapaglia, wife of disgraced banker Jordan Balfour, was someone she wanted to play. ‘When I first read it, I thought, “I have nothing in common with her. I hate her.” It was a really tricky one to get my head around,’ she says. ‘But her motivation was, “You guys are doing it—why shouldn’t I? It’s this man’s world, and I’m going to get mine.” And I understand that.’

    She hit Leo in the face
    When she was auditioning for Wolf, Margot wanted to do something that would leave an impression, so instead of kissing Leo like it said she was supposed to in the script, she punched him in the face. Risky, but obviously it worked.

    She’s a proud feminist
    Girl power is definitely on the menu for Margot. She turned down an undisclosed but definitely very large sum of money from Hugh Hefner to shoot playboy after he asked for ‘the one from Wolf of Wall Street‘ (classy, Hef). Whilst she’s happy to go nude for work, she’s apparently not interested in doing it just to sell magazines.

    Clever, ballsy, beautiful and funny. We’d hate her if we didn’t want her to be our new best friend.

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