What Happened To Emma Thompson & Alan Rickman's Characters In 'Love Actually'?

All has been revealed

All has been revealed

There's been so much talk of Love Actually recently, it feels like it's Christmas already. First we heard all about this tragic deleted scene, and now we've learned some even more heartbreaking news about the characters played by Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman, Karen and Harry.

Remember them?

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Remember him? Scheming, disloyal and Snape-like in his cruelty, Harry sneaks around behind Karen's back with a girl from work, and while Karen thinks he's buying her a beautiful diamond necklace, he actually presents her with a Joni Mitchell CD for Christmas - meaning the necklace was for someone else. What a grinch.

Well, last night, director Richard Curtis and his wife Emma Freud attended a screening of the film - and Emma live-tweeted every single moment.

Between learning that Martin Freeman wore a little sock on his willy during his scenes and that Richard Curtis only called Colin Firth's character Jamie so the kids could say 'I hate Uncle Jamie' (his brother is called Jamie), we also learned what happened to Karen and Harry after his betrayal.

After Emma tweeted 'Joni mitchell. Help. Still hurts. Sat on the floor watching her do that scene - 7 takes. Crying every time. Goddess', one fan asked what happened to the characters after filming wrapped - and Emma was only too happy to answer.

Well, this news makes us feel like this...

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Do you think Karen should have left Harry, or that this is the only way it could have gone? Let us know @marieclaireuk

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