This deleted scene from 'Love Actually' is heartbreaking

It also addresses one of the main issues people had with the film

Love Actually Deleted Scene
Love Actually Deleted Scene

It also addresses one of the main issues people had with the film

Love Actually is one of our favourite Christmas movies ever. It's heartwarming, heartbreaking and has the perfect cast (like Hugh Grant as the Prime Minister... aww). But one of the main issues viewers had with the movie was that there were no same-sex couples in the film.

Well, it turns out that there was indeed a same-sex couple - but they were cut from the movie.

The subplot features the stern headmistress you may have briefly noticed in the movie, and her partner, who was extremely ill with an unknown disease.

In a deleted clip now doing the rounds on the Internet, director Richard Curtis speaks about how disappointed he was that the scene never made it into the film, explaining that it was due to a related story being cut.

In the scene, the rather strict-looking headmistress returns home to her partner, who is lying ill on the bed, and while they chat warmly about school and farts and parents, we know inside what's going to happen.

In the end, the worst does happen - and the scene concludes with Emma Thompson's character sending her condolences to the bereaved headmistress at the infamous school concert.

We really wish this scene had been kept, as in our humble opinion, Love Actually could have had another 20 subplots and we'd have happily watched for four more hours.

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