Lily Allen's sexiest shoot yet!

Lily sizzles on Q cover as she reveals love for Chemical Brother

Lily Allen, Q Cover, Celebrity News
Lily Allen, Q Cover, Celebrity News

Lily sizzles on Q cover as she reveals love for Chemical Brother

Lily Allen is steaming up the latest cover of Q in a super-sexy 'panther' shoot – and reveals to the magazine that she's still in love with Chemical Brother Ed Simons.

The star – whose latest single, The Fear, has been a roaring success here and in the States – strips down to her itsy-bitsy hotpants and unleashes her animal instincts as she seemingly poses with panthers.

In the interview, Allen reveals she's still in love with her ex, Ed Simons, blaming their break-up on the strain of her miscarriage.

She even says she hopes for a reconciliation one day.

She revealed: 'We still speak two times a week, he texts me all the time, making sure I'm alright.

'We never were not friends, it just became... difficult. Because there was so much... pain associated with everything that happened, for me I just needed to get away, ya know?'

'But we still love each other. And we talk all the time. And maybe one day we'll get back together but I don't know. Not right now.'

So what about her fling with millionaire art dealer Jay Jopling, 45? A dad substitute, apparently.

'Part of me still wants attention from my dad [Keith Allen]. I'm not gonna get it from him, so I look for it in someone else,' she says of her penchant for older men.

Meanwhile, the star also called for a ban of gossip magazines.

She vented: 'The gossip magazines are still everywhere. They should be banned! They have such a negative impact on society, they're so vacuous and humiliating and made up.

'I remember when we just had Hello! magazine all about the European royals, do you remember? The princess of Sweden.

'And then it filtered down to Jade Goody. What the f*** happened?'




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