LiLo break-up 'worst night of my life'

Lindsay Lohan speaks on 'humiliating' break-up

Lindsay Lohan at the Matthew Williamson party
Lindsay Lohan at the Matthew Williamson party

Lindsay Lohan speaks on 'humiliating' break-up

Lindsay Lohan has revealed the truth behind her break-up from Samantha Ronson, describing it as 'the worst night of my life!'

The actress ended her two-year relationship with Ronson last Friday, when the DJ barred her from a party thrown by her sister, Charlotte Ronson, at Bar Marmont in Hollywood.

Ronson arranged for a security team to ensure that Lohan could not enter the event.

Tearfully speaking to US Weekly, Lohan called the experience 'humiliating,' and described it as 'the worst night of my life.'

Adding insult to injury, Lohan went on to reveal that Ronson had changed the locks to the Hollywood home they shared the next day, and had investigated seeking a restraining order against her former lover.

But it's not only Ronson that's got Lohan upset. The actress described how many of her Hollywood friends had abandoned her, recounting how Nicole Richie walked by her on the night of the party and said 'Uck' as she passed.

On the incident Lohan raved, 'I’m a f**king 22-year-old girl who's in love. I felt like I was in Mean Girls, but worse: Mean Girls was a movie. I'm just really hurt.'

Lilo added, 'The whole situation is sick.'

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